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Taking Italian Food from the Dining Room to the Street

When owners Cara and Catherine DeLalla came up with the idea for Meatballerz, they felt like Atlanta was in need of a good place to get a homemade meatball sandwich.  It became their goal to make people fall in love with the meatball again. Each meatball is hand rolled, using only the highest quality ingredients including locally sourced butcher meat, fresh herbs, fine Italian cheeses, and custom baked bread prepared exclusively for Meatballerz. They use an age old Italian recipe passed down from generation to generation that remains true to the old world method of meatball making.  

Instead of recreating the meatball, they decided to improve the way you eat it.  Hence, the ball-in-a-hole concept.  A fresh baked Italian boule is cut to create a lid in the top and stuffed with a giant meatball.  It is then topped with their signature Italian red gravy and shredded mozzarella cheese and baked to crispy perfection.  Say goodbye to messy, soggy, meatball sandwiches. The unique design of the ball-in-a-hole makes this meatball sandwich easy to eat unlike the meatball subs of the past. 

In addition to meatball sandwiches, Meatballerz offers a variety of homemade Italian style street foods like hand stretched Sicilian pizzas, pasta bowls, and more.



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Local Partnerships

Our local butcher located in Duluth, GA

Our local butcher located in Duluth, GA

Our local baker located in Doraville, GA

Our local baker located in Doraville, GA

Italian Specialty Distributor located in Suwanee, GA

Italian Specialty Distributor located in Suwanee, GA

"Meatballerz is our favorite that comes to visit. We are always hoping for the truck, and when it comes and we are tied up with meetings during lunch we really get upset (to put it friendly). The sauce is awesome (hard to find good Italian sauce in Atlanta)! The bread is awesome! The meatballs are friggin awesome! It's all awesome! There is a little wait (maybe up to 10 minutes) but it's because it is all made and cooked in the truck. I feel sorry for everyone sweating to death in the truck, but your labors are truly appreciated by me and my coworkers! Thank you thank you thank you!" -Chris Sylcox, Atlanta

"Meatballerz came to our office today for food truck Friday. I had the Roma in a hole which is their homemade beef and pork meatball on a fresh soft Italian bun topped with a very delicious sauce and melted cheese. At first I thought 1 meatball might not be enough meat for the sandwich, but man was I wrong! It was more than enough. I thought the entire thing was delicious and will look for this truck again in the future." Jeanna Lievsay, Norcross

"Love Meatballerz! From the first time I had the meatball sandwich, I have been hooked. The meatballs, sauce, and bread are out of this world. The fritters and chips are outstanding as well. Everything is so fresh and tasty and Cara and team are super friendly and accommodating. She always lets me know when they will be in my area so that I don't miss out. If you have a chance, make it a priority to visit Cara wherever she is around Atlanta." Derwin Roland, Duluth

"I know I already told y'all but it was a pleasure eating at your food truck today at Hebron. We had the meatball sandwich (Roma in a hole)...and It was absolutely delicious!! My 7 year old son loved it as much as my 37 year old husband. It was absolutely the favorite thing we ate today..please continue to come out to Gwinnett and the Dacula area. We look forward to seeing you at the Gwinnett County fairgrounds in a couple weeks. Great food and even greater service!!" Diane Anderson, Dacula


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